Umbau 2013 – Investition in die Zukunft

Tradition does not only mean to hold on to the old and the well-tried.
It also means to preserve what has been in existence for such a long time for the future.
In this sense we saw in 2013 the necessity to renovate and rebuild our venerable
strong>hotel inn into a golden lamb.

Our attention was naturally on the greatest possible and contemporary comfort of our guests,
but also on environmental protection, sustainability and resistance.
After months of hard work our house finally shone in new splendour in September 2013 without having lost its old charm.

And so we can not only look with you full of pride at our past, but also look calmly into a - hopefully long - future!

An overview of the conversion measures:>

  • Complete gutting of the 1st upper floor and 2nd upper floor down to the trusses
  • Replacement of the defective beams in the outer wall by fresh beams (30m³ round timber)
  • Renewal of the missing soil (beam layer with infill) - Installation of 12 tons of gravel for optimum
  • Roofing with plain tile roofing slabs that have been common in the area since time immemorial,
    as they can be found on historic buildings.
  • New installation of all supply lines in accordance with the latest state of thermal insulation and
    drinking water ordinance
  • Installation of a mini block-type thermal power station with natural gas operation -> the entire waste heat can be used for our
    The primary energy is used as much as possible.
  • In all rooms high-quality and long-lasting materials were used